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The Best Naturally

Associated Foods Zimbabwe  is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality and trusted spreads and roasted nuts in Zimbabwe. We strive to deliver customer needs and to add value to the Food industry through the provision of affordable, quality edibles manufactured through cost effective methods and procedures whilst ensuring that the interests of all stakeholders are honoured.

Why choose us

We place our clients’ needs first, It gives us joy to know our range of products can perhaps make you a healthier person and improve your life just a little.

Quality Service

Our customers’ success is why we exist. Dedicated and knowledgeable Associates understand your needs and strive to safely provide the highest level of service in our industry.


Our commitment to your success is seen through our commitment to excellence in delivering high quality products. You can trust Associated Foods Zimbabwe to be your most valuable foodservice resource.

Health & Well-being

We do not add any oils, sugars, or preservatives. It really is an all natural and delicious way to enjoy this wonderful staple while keeping it healthy hence our tag line, “Best… Naturally”.

Mama's Tip of the week

Wisdom is a priceless gift when it is passed from generation to generation.

Watch your weight with Orange Marmalade

Orange marmalade makes an excellent choice for reduced fat diets as it contains zero fat grams. As a rule, keep fat intake to 20 to 35 percent of the calories in your daily meal plan, although your health-care provider may suggest a different fat intake depending on your nutritional goals. If you use orange marmalade in baked goods, this likely contributes fat to your diet. Here is all you can get this home remedy

Where you can find orange marmalade

  • All leading retail outlets around  Zimbabwe
  • Ask for Farmgold Sweet Orange Marmalade


Hearty meals you can make from our healthy range of nutritious products.


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